Medical Dermatology

  • Skin cancer screening exams
  • Mole evaluation and treatment
  • Acne treatment using Accutane (isotretinoin)
  • Treatment of skin infections (bacterial, fungal, yeast, parasitic, etc)
  • Treatment of rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, rosacea, and pigmentary disorders
  • Biologics therapy for psoriasis (Enbrel, Humira, Stelera, Taltz, Skyrizi, etc.)
  • Phototherapy for treating psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, chronic itching, and other skin conditions.
  • Treatment of nail and hair disorders
  • Skin allergy testing
  • Adult and pediatric dermatology
  • Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for treating precancerous lesions, and chronic sun damages.


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